The Malaysian Infocomm Foundation (MICF)


Who We Are

The Malaysian Infocomm Foundation (MICF) is a non-profit organisation, activated in 2017 with the mission of “Digital Benefits For All.” Our main prime movers include CEOs, professionals, scholars, entrepreneurs, current and former journalists, columnists, editors and leaders of public and civic organisations who are supportive of maximising benefits for all users of digital technology.

Our Mission

MICF’s mission of “Digital Benefits for All” is to be accomplished by way of undertaking research, organising special events, provision of training facilities, creating communities, managing competitions, giving incentives and awards, supplying competent human resources and coping with advancement in digital megatrends.

Our Pillars

Our pillars towards success include INCLUSIVENESS where we harness the resources and strength of all stakeholders to ensure success, ENDORSEMENTS where we recognise and propagate values, achievements and contributions of inspirational personalities in the “Digital Hall of Fame”

Our Program

Digital DNA Centre

Digital Learning Centre

Digital Entrepreneurship Centre

Digital Lifestyle Centre

Digital Big Data Centre

News & Update

Malaysian Infocomm Foundation (MICF)

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