Digital DNA Centre

The Centre is managing research, publication, training, visits, conferences, special events, competitions and award programs that enrich digital DNA at organisation and community levels (public, commercial and non-commercial communities)

Digital Learning Centre​

The Centre works with local and international training bodies for purpose of development and deployment of academies and learning modules leading to accreditation standards and quality certifcation for corporations and individuals including digital consumers, digital professionals, educators, entrepreneurs and workers

Digital Entrepreneurship Centre

The Centre’s responsibility is to support growth of new and emerging digital entrepreneurs via idea generation, business acceleration, co-working space, strategic planning, access to capital, mentoring services, training, manpower support, marketing and networking.

Digital Lifestyle Centre

The Centre creates and promotes the 020 Digital Lifestyle Projects (offline to online and online to offline). Projects are organised to address or overcome social and economic issues faced by the communities.

Digital Big Data Centre

This Centre operates as catalyst and enablers that promote “big data driven economic and social development agenda for nation, region, organisations and communities. Scope of activities would include training, conferences, white papers, datathon events, consultancy
and outsourcing. We will cooperate with like minded global organisations to share best practice, accreditation standards and “success stories”.